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What is EPEPE?

The word EPEPE stands for European Partnership of Evidence and Problem Based Paramedical Education. That means a close cooperation with a common curriculum as well as with common syllabuses and continuous exchange of experience among the schools which have formed an alliance.

Since 2001 the Praeha Bildungszentrum in Kerpen (Germany) and the Zuyd University in Heerlen (Netherlands) have been educating according to a common physiotherapy curriculum. This concept follows the learning and teaching method of the Problem Based Learning (PBL) and enables the students to qualify for a bachelor in physiotherapy on European level.

This cooperation was extended by the SWS School in Schwerin, the Reha Rhein-Wied in Neuwied and the BWM School in Leipzig as new partners in the physiotherapy training. The same was managed for the speech and language therapy training by the development of this double qualification together with the partners of Heerlen and Schwerin and resulted in an enlargement by the Praeha School in Düsseldorf. As well as in the physiotherapy, in the speech and language therapy as for other paramedical professions in future further development the job profiles and their previous training on European level shall be discussed and progressed under the roof of EPEPE.

With todays physiotherapy curriculum an important step was made towards a common qualification. The development of the profession therefore needs the development of the curriculum.

  • The further development from the pure problem based learning towards a competence based learning
  • The integration of Evidence Based Practice into the curriculum
  • The preparation of the students on a possible future direct admission for physiotherapists as it is put into practice in Australia and the Netherlands

The EPEPE partners have put a lot into practice for the further development of the physiotherapy profession up to now without financial support and thereby improved the transparency and quality of physiotherapy in Europe. We are now looking for potentialities support for the next steps in our European development.


ENPHE means European Network of Physiotherapy in Higher Education. In 2007 the common decision was made to standardize the qualifications of the European physiotherapists by the description of the competences. (The Competence Chart of the European Network of Physiotherapy in Higher Education. Garant Antwerp - Apeldoorn 2007). This beginning shall be taken up to realize the agreed steps, i. e. to make the necessary arrangements for the agreements on the paper to transform them into the vocational training of the involved schools. The EPEPE partnership is the example of such a concrete transformation. The same can be applied for the speech and Language therapy training and other paramedical professions.